Initial Interview with Client

The initial interview is an important step that helps us to determine your needs, identify and verify information, check conflict interest as well as be able to schedule your meeting with our Lawyer/RCIC (licensees). Our Case Coordinators are able to communicate with you by English or Vietnamese, depends on which language is more convenient for you in understanding the matter at hand.

Signing Retainer Agreement

After the first consultation with our counsel, if you decide to retain Canadian RCIC or ICEF's agent, the retainer agreement will be sent to you. It is our pleasure to support your case. Retainer agreement is an official contract between you and Canadian Licensee and requires your signature to be enforced.

Retainer agreement stands valid within 03 business days. If you decide no longer retain Canadian Licensee or not having any response, the proposal is deemed to expired and you are no longer considerred as a potential client.

Making Deposit for Retainer

Professional fees and reimbursment are stated in the retainer agreement which does not include provincial tax and government application fees. You will be required to deposit a half of total amount after signing a retainer, the rest shall be paid prior to the date of submission. We accept payment via Credit/Debit/Master Card, bank transfer or Cash. A payment receipt will be provided to you for your record.


After retainer is signed and deposited, our Lawyer/ RCIC (licensees) will process your case. Each client is given a case number for client identification.

Please provide the case number to Case Coordinator or Licensee when communicating with us over the phone or email.

During the process, our Case Coordinator or Licensee will proactively inform you any updates of your case. Please stay in touch with your licensee (by email) or Case Coordinator (by phone). We refuse to provide personal phone numbers unless licensee's consent acquired.

Delivered Results and Invoice

Ways to Canada.JSC is pleased to deliver the final results to you, including the original documents and records.

We are extremely proud of gaining your trust and look forward to continuosly serving you in the future. We wish you could share your satisfaction to any friends or acquaintances you may have in mind!

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