About us

27/02/2018 - 08:09 | Introduction

Ways to Canada.JSC is a Joint Stock Company formed in Vietnam with the purpose of consulting Canadian educational programs and delivering free information of Canadian Immigration programs, helping the clients develop the best moving plan, as well as creating possible solutions to obtain desired immigration status for clients seeking opportunities to study, work, invest, or sponsor their relatives in Canada. For foreign nationals and overseas Vietnamese with Vietnam-related business or family connections, we also offer full services for Vietnamese administrative procedures, such as authorization and representation, work permit application, marriage and divorce, nationality and civil status. 

Established and operated under the model of a Joint Stock Company under the Vietnamese Corporation Law, utilizing the modern management methods and maintaining associatie relationships with Canadian licensees, Ways to Canada.JSC is a reputative company voted by many clients as one of the leading consulting company in providing an interactive services in both Vietnam and Canada. Our highly secure data management system and cutting-edge technology enable us to make a significant difference in the working process for our clients. The high level of responsiveness of our team, combined with the expertise and dedication of our Lawyers and Consultants, make us outstanding from the other consulting companies.

Our associated Canadian licensees are in good standing at their governed affiliation for years, therefore you do not have to waste time to look for an experienced representative. We connect you directly to an experienced Lawyer/RCIC and other licensees in Canada, who will work on your behalf in immigration law, corporate law, accounting and tax to support your business activities in the Canadian market or to settle yourself and your family in Canada permanently. Our associated licensees are outstanding in successfully advising many education programs and immigration matters, even reversing the results for family sponsorship applications that previously being refused, we strongly proves our effectiveness in helping clients with their application.

Having Ambassadors living permanently in Canada, Singapore, Germany, Russia, along with the headquarters in Hanoi (Vietnam), Ways to Canada.JSC is able to support our clients 24/7 globally in all different international time zones. We constantly strive and always affirm that our dedication, devotion and commitment to help you "bringing Dreams to Life".


In Canada, our services are designed to focus on these core practices that include but not limited to:

  1. Consulting and preparing application of all Canada Immigration Programs by RCIC in good standing;
  2. Advising international student on choosing the appropriate educational institution and program in Canada by ICEF's agent; 
  3. Appointing RCIC to represent you in responding Immigration Officer's questions;
  4. Notarize documents, authenticate signatures (online via Google Meet or in-person at the Ottawa office);
  5. Document Authentication at Global Affair Canada and document legalization at Vietnam Embassy in Canada in matters of Authorization to transfer/refuse/donate real estate in Vietnam; Passport and Vietnam Visa; Birth certificate and Vietnamese citizenship for child born in Canada; getting married to Vietnamese or authorizing a divorce in Vietnam...

In Vietnam, we provide services and submit an application on behalf of the client for:

  1. Corporation Law (establishing new corporation, merge and acquisition, corporation compliance and governance...);
  2. Citizenship resumption; Residence and Household register;
  3. Migration matters (studying, work permit, criminal record check, temporary visa, sponsor family’s member, exchange driving licence…);
  4. Translation and Notary Public.


  • By providing solutions and full-service for your matter, Ways to Canada offers advice and analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of each option, helping you to understand and easily make accurate decisions, in line with goals, conditions and financial capabilities.
  • In order to help our clients have more access to our services, we have many kinds of professional fees based on the complexity of the application or giving discounts on the consulting fee in certain circumstances.
  • All employees of Ways to Canada are able to communicate, answer questions and provide services in Vietnamese and English that save you from translation expenses. We also use understandable legal terminologies in order to help you completely understand the matter at hand.
  • We set a high commitment to provide maximum support to our clients in different international time zones. Give us a call, we are ready to take your case at any time!